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Get Away to a Spa in Pattaya

Spa in Pattaya

Getting out of town, even for just a couple of days, can seem like a guilty pleasure. Your friends and family may be hard at work in the city while you’re basking in the sun on the beaches of Pattaya. But sometimes, it’s these little guilty pleasures that can feel so therapeutic and necessary to help you cope with the stresses of life in the city. So, why not make the most of your time away by visiting a Pattaya massage and spa facility?


What is an Onsen Spa in Bangkok Like?

Bangkok Onsen Spas

Onsen baths have been a part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years. The geothermal activity on the islands of Japan meant that the country’s people always had access to hot and therapeutic mineral water. The use of these resources was considered a luxury early on and enjoyed by only the ruling and warrior class. But as the train network was developed across the country, more people could visit the onsens and the surrounding resorts that were developed to capitalize on the healthy and invigorating properties of bathing in these heated spring waters.


A Foot Reflexology Session is a Must-Try Chiang Mai Spa Experience

towels on massage table

With its easy access to nature, variety of adventurous activities, and temperate weather, Chiang Mai attracts millions of visitors each year. Unlike a holiday to the pristine islands of southern Thailand, a typical Chiang Mai getaway is not spent at the pool or lounging with a book; rather, days are filled on-foot exploring each nook and cranny of the quiet streets within the old city gates, or traversing the mountains on a multi-day trek. In a city designed for walking, many travelers need to rest their weary feet after a long day and opt to experience the ancient art of foot reflexology at a local Chiang Mai spa or massage center.

Foot reflexology is one of Let’s Relax Spa’s core specialties, a call back to our roots in Chiang Mai and in traditional Lanna culture. Our certified massage therapists and practitioners are trained in the art of ancient foot reflexology, drawing upon centuries of honed techniques aimed at rejuvenating the body and spirit, leaving it feeling rested and restored for the next day’s adventure. But just how does all of that happen through a “simple foot massage”?

What is foot reflexology?

Walk into any spa in Chiang Mai and you’re likely to see the familiar diagram of two multi-colored feet. Looking like a topographical map, this chart identifies the different areas of the foot that share a unique connection to another region of the body – the basic tenant of reflexology.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine and an understanding of the body’s “qi” (or life energy), foot reflexology centers on the premise that the foot is the gateway to the rest of the body. Precise pressure to areas of the foot will produce a desired effect elsewhere in the body, such as the linkage between the toes and the sinuses. These pathways are called meridians, and the goal of reflexology is to unblock these meridians to let qi flow freely.

People getting a foot massage

Not your typical foot massage

To the average person looking for relief in a Chiang Mai spa or massage center, a foot massage and a foot reflexology session seem almost identical. However, where reflexology differs from a standard massage lies with the practitioner’s methods and the desired outcome of the treatment. To start, a foot massage will usually follow a predesigned routine, whereas in reflexology, the practitioner will ask their clients to identify areas of tension in their bodies and plan their treatment accordingly.

Licensed reflexologists at Let’s Relax Spa are trained in alleviating stress and tension in specific areas of the body through acupressure of the foot. Since reflexology is understood to be an alternative medicine, practitioners must go through hundreds of hours of training to ensure that the treatments they administer meet the client’s needs.

In contrast, a traditional masseuse specializes in relieving foot and lower leg stress through repetitive motions directly on the targeted area. With the help of oils, the targeted muscles are elongated and softened with each successive stretch and knead. While a foot massage has its specific benefits, reflexology treatment is a complete therapy working both the body and spirit.

After a long day of walking around the old city, shopping at Nimman, or ascending/descending the tremendous flight of stairs up to Doi Suthep, nothing better soothes aching feet and bodies like a session of foot reflexology or a foot massage. Let’s Relax Spa combines authentic Chiang Mai massage techniques and traditional Lanna hospitality, making a rejuvenating foot treatment a must-do experience for any Chiang Mai visitor.

An Indulgent Bangkok Spa Experience Awaits at Let’s Relax Spa

Woman relaxing

Despite all the modern conveniences and benefits a bustling metropolis like Bangkok provides, life in the Thai capital can often be taxing on the body, mind, and spirit. At times it can feel like there is no escaping the suffocating traffic, sweltering heat, and cacophonous street noise that have come to define much about Bangkok life. Yet, throughout the city there exist havens that transport you away from these hassles and into a realm of peace and relaxation. Discover the Bangkok spa experience your body has yearned for at a Let’s Relax Spa.

With 18 branches dotted conveniently around the city, Let’s Relax Spas offer the weary Bangkokian respite from the burdens of their day-to-day pressures and stressors. For locals and travelers alike, Let’s Relax Spa has garnered a reputation as the preferred authentic spa in Bangkok. Our extensive menu of spa treatments and massage services performed by our team of certified therapists cater to those looking for complete relaxation.

Traditional Thai Massage


Whether you’re stiff after a long week at the office or jetlagged fresh off the plane to Bangkok, a Thai massage will relieve your muscular tension and help you unwind. By focusing on stretching and kneading acupressure, your massage therapist will gently manipulate your body and dissolve the tightness out of each muscle, starting with the feet and legs and working their way up to the head and shoulders.

Let’s Relax Spa offers a two-hour Traditional Thai Massage as well as a 60-minute Four Hands Thai Massage, wherein two therapists work on your body in tandem for simultaneous full-body relief. For those interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, our two-hour Four Hands Massage with Herbal Compress will unlock deep relaxation and promote blood circulation through the pressured application of a delicate pouch of steamed Thai herbs along the body’s meridians.

Oil Massage

woman getting an oil massage

Upgrade your massage experience and soothe your aches with a true and authentic Bangkok oil massage. Differing slightly from the stretching-oriented traditional Thai massage, oil massages follow the Swedish massage technique of deep tissue acupressure, which increases blood flow and softens tense muscles. For the tired business traveler or overwhelmed urbanite, Let’s Relax Spa offers two different oil massage treatments: Warm Oil Massage and Aromatherapy Oil Massage.

The 60-minute Warm Oil Massage provides clients with immediate relief the moment the heated oil is rubbed over the body. The heat from the oil expands muscle tissue and deepens the soothing impact of each gentle knead. Our Aromatherapy Oil Massage treatment relieves muscle tension through aromatic and therapeutic essential oils. Focusing on the body’s natural pressure points, this 60-minute massage will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed for days to come.

Spa Treatments

Woman getting a spa treatment

Beyond massages, Let’s Relax Spa offers clients various herbal spa treatments, ranging from Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, and Facials, to Floral Baths, Thai Herbal Steams, and Onsen experiences. Leave your stresses behind and be pampered by our specialists in utter tranquility.

The full-day Onsen package at our Thong Lor branch showcases our range of spa services. Through waters enriched with powerful minerals brought in from the natural hot springs in Gero, Japan, the Let’s Relax Onsen experience relaxes and rejuvenates the body and mind.

As a leading spa in Bangkok, Let’s Relax Spa caters specifically to those looking, if only for an afternoon, to escape stressful life in the Thai capital. The soothing sounds and calming aesthetics at each of our locations are sure to create a peaceful and relaxing experience for all our guests.

We look forward to welcoming you to our relaxing retreat.

Let’s Relax Spa’s New COVID-19 Measures to Protect our Customers and Staff

Let’s Relax Spa is Ready to Welcome you back at our Spa in the ‘New Normal’ Situation


We have raised our safety and cleanliness standards to the new level with our new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among every visitor and staff in our spas.

Watch the video below to see what we have implemented.




Let’s Relax Spa taking health and safety to the new height

New measures for welcoming customers:
– Created a temperature scan station at the entrance.
 – Improved an online booking system to limits the number of customers.
– Introduced touchless payment.
– Adjusted some massage techniques to keep the intimate distance.
 – Introduced take-home snacks.

New measures for keeping our staffs healthy:
– Set up mandatory training about COVID-19 measures and prevention.
– Added daily temperature checks on every staff.
– Required face masks to be worn at all times while on duty.
 – Required every staff carry and use alcohol gel.

New Measures for an infection-free environment:
– Added UVC Sanitization as a final step of room preparation.
– Clean high-touch surfaces every 15 minutes.
– Added reminders for everyone to socially distance.
– Installed alcohol sanitizer stations throughout the area.
– Replace fresh bedding sheets and clothes for every customer.

The scent of Let’s Relax Spa’s Signature Blend : Your first Impression into your spa journey

Introducing Let’s Relax Spa’s unique Scent. One of the first 5 senses (sight-taste-smell-sound-touch) that our customer will encounter upon arrival at Let’s Relax Spa.

“Smells Good” is usually the first word of impression. Our Signature Blend Essential Oil was specially designed and are used in all of our branches throughout our 20 years in service. The power of the Scent helps the customer relax throughout the Spa Journey. The Signature Blend Essential Oil combined the oriental Orange Plant extracted scents including Lemon, Kaffir Lime, Lemon and Mandarin Orange with the properties of anti-oxidants

The power of the Scent also makes customer refresh yet relaxed. The signature Blend Essential Oil also available as take-home purchase to co-create similar ambiance at home. Let’s Relax continuously innovates with the additional scent of Onsen Blend Essential Oil which is used at our Flagship Onsen & Spa Outlet in Thonglor, Bangkok.

Signature Blend Essential Oil can be used with the Oil Burner or Mini Electric Diffuser to match with your house’s style, specifically on the day you want the ultimate relaxation before returning to your spa journey at Let’s Relax Spa.

20 Good Stories from Let’s Relax

“Massage” is common to many. Throughout our 20 years Journey, Let’s Relax has built its reputation as Thailand’s most popular Boutique Day Spa Chain that continuously deliver remarkable Thai Spa experience to customers by offering superiority of equipment, products and treatments with experienced and well-trained therapists.  Here is our 20 Good Journeys of Relaxation.

We started our journey in 1998 with the opening of the first Let’s Relax Spa in the city of Chiang Mai in the center of the Night Bazaar area. The original Thai Massage and Foot Massage shop has captured great attention from the crowds.

With the strong corporate culture of standardized steps of service and customer service from the heart, Let’s Relax has been recommended by famous travel publications such as Lonely Planet and Frommer’s. This helps push us to continuously improve our service.

Let’s Relax Spa continues to delivers the perfect spa pleasure by expanding new outlets in Phuket and Pattaya. The first Phuket store was in Patong Beach. Despite the strong competition in the area, Let’s Relax determines to deliver its unique spa experience to guests from around the World. Today, Let’s Relax has expanded its service to the top tourist destinations including Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Hua Hin and Samui. Let’s Relax Spa enters the Capital City of Bangkok in 2001 on Ratchadaphisek Road. Then, Let’s Relax Spa expands to a full-scale Day Spa in Soi Sukhumvit 39 (Phromphong) with additional service of Manicure and Pedicure under Let’s Relax Nail Care.
Let’s Relax Spa has continuously expand throughout Bangkok with total of 12 day spas with conveniently accessible locations near BTS and MRT stations such as The Street Ratchada, MBK Center, Suanplu, Ekkamai, Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, Phayathai, Thonglor, Siam Square 1, Sukhumvit 31, Mandarin Hotel Samyan, Terminal 21 and Phromphong (Sukhumvit 39). Another key milestone of Let’s Relax Spa was the listing of the Company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (mai: SPA) in 2014 with the goals of becoming Asia’s Regional Spa Brands. Siam Wellness Group Public Company Limited, the owner and operator of Let’s Relax Spa, became the first spa-operated company to be listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
Let’s Relax Spa sets its footstep overseas with the opening of Let’s Relax Spa Kunming, China. Chinese Tourists have repeatedly returned to Let’s Relax Spa with the love of our unique relaxed spa experience and gracious Thai Hospitality. Thus, Let’s Relax Spa has been voted as the most popular Thai Spa for Chinese Tourists for 3 consecutive years from 2015-2017 The award was organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand, Sina Weibo and Wechat.
Let’s Relax Spa continued its overseas venture by expanding 3 branches in China and 3 branches in Cambodia. Our determination to create the exceptional Thai Spa Standards remained strong. All of our spa therapists are trained and certified by our Spa Academy. Our instructors and trainers are experienced specialists with deep knowledge in Spa and Thai massage.
Let’s Relax Spa has continuously developed its service offerings with the range of Spa and Massage services including Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Oil Massage, Body Scrub, Herbal Compress, Hot Stone Massage and Facial Massage. The Ancient Thai therapy and wisdom have been passed on from generations to generations. The fresh Herbal Balls is one of the great example. Our Fresh Thai Herbal Balls are made from Fresh Herbs that has been sterilized to maintain the key benefits from the essential oils extracted and fresh aroma.
Another key milestone of Let’s Relax Spa was the opening of Let’s Relax Onsen & Spa in 2016 by integrating the Japanese Traditional Water Therapy or Onsen to our Thai Spa therapy. Let’s Relax Onsen & Spa Thonglor, the Authentic Urban Japanese Onsen, became the popular relaxation spots for many spa go-ers. Reach the height of Relaxation with our Aromatic Hot Stone Massage, Let’s Relax Spa’s signature menu. A Combination of heated volcanic stones and warm massage oils are applied to massage the whole body at the deep muscle level. This signature treatment used 40 volcanic stones of various size is found to release tension
“Seeing the Chair already makes me relaxed” is the common first impression of our guests who entered the Foot Massage Pavilion. Our unique Foot Massage and Back & Shoulder Massage Chairs are specifically designed to suit the comfort of our guests.

Apart from the various spa treatments, Let’s Relax Spa has recently expanded its relaxation offerings to beauty with the offering of Manicure and Pedicure services at Let’s Relax Spa & Nail Care Sukhumvit 39.

Mango & Sticky Rice is our signature post-treatment refreshments that has attracted WOW from our customers. (The stories behind this will be in our upcoming post) “Everything you touch in the Spa can be take home” is the concept of Living Let’s Relax Lifestyle that has been delivered in our spa product collections.
Another key milestone of Let’s Relax Spa is being selected as 1 of Asia’s Top 50 Brands in 2017 by World Brand Congress. Throughout our 20 years, Let’s Relax Spa has also received numerous regional and national awards. This truly brings much pride for Thais. This years marks our 20th Anniversary Celebration with over 5 million guests whom have experienced Let’s Relax Spa. We would like to thank our esteemed customers and will continue to innovate to become the true Master of Relaxation.


Let’s Relax Spa, Preah Norodom Boulevard Embarks on its New Journey as Flagship Branch at Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Let’s Relax Spa, the original Thailand’s boutique day spa since 1998, delicately offers excellence spa pleasure to perfectly balance the body and soul. Offering superiority of equipment, products and treatments with experienced and well-trained therapists aimed to deliver unique and remarkable experiences. Let’s Relax Spa possesses its own unique characteristics; expertise therapists, hygienically guaranteed, conveniently accessible locations and excellent services. Let’s Relax Spa currently operates 26 Day Spas conveniently located throughout the Kingdom of Thailand; Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, 3 branches in China and 2 latest expansion to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Individual branch is decorated differently to reflect the uniqueness of its location, local tradition and culture.
After the successful opening of Let’s Relax Spa first branch in Phnom Penh, Mao Tse Toung Boulevard, Let’s Relax Spa now expanded its second branch at Phnom Penh, Preah Norodom Boulevard with a modern Thai Spa with unique aesthetics of style and texture. This stand-alone spa building stands out from the crowds in the busy Embassy neighborhood of Phnom Penh. Surround by fine restaurants and cafes, the ambiance of Let’s Relax Spa Phnom Penh, Preah Norodom Boulevard combined the city, nature concept together and a touch of loft design concept with an open space, high celling, large windows, cement wall and ceilings creating a relaxed and tranquil impression for spa goers.
Let’s Relax Spa aims to achieve the harmonious connection of body, mind and soul with provision of highly trained therapists, modern trainings and professional licenses, who delivers various treatments in a professional manner. Massages are conducted on modern adjustable spa bed, comfortable mattress, relaxing soft leather chairs or imported back and shoulder chairs. Sterilized towels, blankets, bed sheets and pillowcases are being used for each individual treatment. Local and Imported spa products are being used to ensure high quality spa experiences.
Let’s Relax Spa’s treatments combined different healing practices from the traditional Massage to Swedish massage to modern healing techniques with the use of western spa technologies, providing different types of treatments including; Aromatic Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Oil Massage, Thai Herbal Massage, Foot & Hand Reflexology, Back & Shoulder Massage, Facial Relaxation, Body Scrub, and Body Wrap. Visit Let’s Relax Spa Phnom Penh, Preah Norodom Boulevard to experience the authentic Thai spa at 199 Preah Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Let’s Relax Spa welcomed Miss Universe New Zealand Top 20 Finalists

Miss Universe New Zealand Top 20 Finalists recently experienced the Thai Massage, one of Thailand’s Favorite tourism products, at Thailand’s leading Boutique Day Spa Chain, Let’s Relax Spa. This is part of their preparation tour in Thailand and will be broadcast on Television during the Beauty Pageant Ceremony.

Let’s Relax Sukhumvit 39’s New Look with additional Nail Care Service

Let’s Relax Spa Sukhumvit 39 (Phromphong) has been fully renovated after 12 years serving customers. The new look integrates the Colonial Style with the use of perforated design derived from Rama V and VI’s era and the use of light and pastel coloring to create a warm ambiance Day Spa. Full-Service Spa Menu of Let’s Relax is available here including Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Oil Massage, Foot Massage along with our signature Hot Stone Massage. Moreover, additional Nail Care Section has been added offering manicure, pedicure, Gel Nail Polish, and Paraffin.
Come and visit us at Let’s Relax Sukhumvit 39 mins from BTS Phrom Phong). For more information or reservation, please contact 02-662-6935