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Enjoy A Bangkok Spa Day With Your Family

A young boy gets a relaxing back massage at a Bangkok spa.

Visiting the spa for a massage can be an excellent way to spend time with your family during the holidays. In a family-friendly environment like Let’s Relax Spa, people of all ages can enjoy various massage and spa treatments that provide rejuvenation for the body and mind. This article will give you advice on the massage options available for each member of your family.


Get Away to a Phuket Hotel with a Spa this Songkran

Visit the Let’s Relax Spa in Kata Beach, Phuket

Songkran means different things to different people. For some, it’s party time and time to take to the streets for the new tradition of water fights. For others, it’s a time for family get-togethers. But for people who think of Songkran as a golden opportunity for some quality ‘me time’, why not book a stay at a luxurious and relaxing Phuket hotel with a Let’s Relax Spa this holiday?

Many people want to get away from it all over the Songkran holidays to relax and maybe spend some time on a beautiful beach or beside an inviting pool. They’re not interested in taking part in the water fights, loud music and partying. They’ve been there and done all that. And they live close to their family, so they get to enjoy their company all through the year. 


Escape to Hua Hin For A Holiday of Fun Activities and Restful Massages

A holiday-goer enjoys a horseback ride along Hua Hin beach.

Escape to Hua Hin For A Holiday of Fun Activities and Restful Massages

Hua Hin is a gorgeous holiday destination with activities to enjoy with the whole family. With delicious seafood, beautiful beaches, and great shopping spots throughout the city, there is something for everyone in Hua Hin.

After you’ve had your fill of adventuring for the day, you can stop by the nearest Let’s Relax Spa for a refreshing spa treatment or relaxing massage. This article will give you an overview of some of the most exciting places to visit during your stay in Hua Hin and point out the Let’s Relax Spa locations nearby.


Pattaya Spas Offer Relief from Songkran Celebrations

Enjoy the beaches of Pattaya this Songkran.

Pattaya Spas Offer Relief from Songkran Celebrations

Everyone wants to leave the sweltering streets of Bangkok during Songkran and take off for a breezy beach getaway along the coast in Pattaya. This holiday destination on the Gulf of Thailand is popular with Bangkok residents because it’s so close and has so much to offer. If you have a fun-packed holiday schedule planned this Songkran, make sure you also leave some time to enjoy the spas in Pattaya.

Long holidays are the perfect time to let your hair down and do all the things you’ve wanted to do for months. Bask the day away on the beach, spend the day on the many golf courses of Pattaya, or take a long walk with your family along the beaches of Pattaya or Jomtien. You can also take a hike up to the Big Buddha statue or indulge in the well-known nightlife of this seaside city and dance until dawn.


Discover How a Relaxing Massage Can Relieve Stress

A woman lays on a massage table relaxing after a Thai herbal steam treatment.

Relieve Stresses & Strains with a Relaxing Massage

From strenuous exercise to simply working in front of a computer, many daily activities can strain your muscles and leave you feeling stiff and sore. Whatever kind of pain and discomfort you feel, massage can be the perfect way to relax and bring peace to your body and mind. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best massages for different types of stresses and strains.


Escape to a Quiet Spa in Phuket on Karon Beach

Enjoy a relaxing Phuket spa treatment in Karon Beach.

Escape to a Tranquil Phuket Spa on Karon Beach

Although Karon Beach is just over the hill from bustling Patong Beach, it seems like it’s a world away. Karon Beach offers wide-open white sand beaches, delicious seafood restaurants, and a tranquil, quiet atmosphere. 


Aromas used for massages at Let’s Relax spa in Phuket

A masseuse pouring oil into her hand before an aroma massage.

Types of Aroma Massage in Phuket

Oil and aroma massages can be some of the most relaxing, because they engage not only your tactile senses, but also your sense of smell, to alleviate stress in the body. The addition of specific scents can enhance the calming effects of your massage experience. This post will explore some of the different scents used in our aroma massages, where they come from, and their unique benefits. 

How Scents Affect Your Body

The scents used in aroma massage come from essential oils, which are derived from various pleasant smelling herbs and flowers. Essential oils are created by steaming or pressing various parts of the plants they’re created from to collect the compounds that produce the fragrance. They are very concentrated, so only a very small amount of essential oil is necessary to create the desired effect.


Step from the Boat into a Luxurious Phuket Spa at Boat Lagoon

A spa massage in Phuket can ease tired and sore muscles after a day of kayaking around the islands.

Step from the Boat into a Relaxing Phuket Spa at Boat Lagoon

One of the most popular activities in Phuket is to hire a boat and tour the spectacular islands of Phang Nga Bay that have become famous over the years in films and on TV. But a day in the salt, sun and wind can cause damage to the skin, especially skin that’s not used to the conditions. Luckily, we have one of our luxurious and rejuvenating spas in Phuket located at Boat Lagoon to provide instant soothing relief to adventurers. 

Making plans to spend the day touring the islands is easy to do. You can reserve anything from a small speedboat to a massive luxury yacht. If you’re staying in a Phuket hotel, the hotel concierge will be happy to arrange a boat of your choice to whisk you off for a day of tropical exploration. Or, you can do it yourself online by looking up one of the many boat charter companies on the island.

Preparing for a Day on the Water

Half the fun of experiencing the sights is enjoying the tropical atmosphere as much as possible. While most of the boats for charter offer a place to get out of the sun and wind, you should prepare to get plenty of sun, wind and saltwater on your day-long adventure – plan on getting wet, wind-blown and sun-kissed.  

Spend New Year in Phuket Enjoying Beaches and Massages

With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Phuket is a great place to spend your New Year holiday.

Enjoy Your New Year Holiday with a Relaxing Massage by the Beach in Phuket

With the New Year fast approaching, many people are thinking of the best way to enjoy a fun and relaxing holiday. There is no better stress relief than to start off your New Year in Phuket enjoying some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches and restorative massages

This beautiful vacation destination has much to offer visitors and will be the perfect way to start off your New Year the right way. This article will help you to plan a trip to this gorgeous island by introducing you to some of the most beautiful beaches around Phuket, their nearby attractions, and the best places to get a massage nearby.


Take it Easy This New Year at a Spa in Patong

Relax after a Patong party session at a Let’s Relax Spa.

Enjoy all That a Patong has to Offer This New Year

Being an easy flight from Bangkok, and with direct flights from many countries, Phuket has become a popular destination for many to take their Christmas and New Year breaks. Once you land in Phuket, you’ll notice that Patong is really the heart of the action; day or night, there’s always a buzz in the area. You’ll discover that the area is home to a multitude of activities and ways to destress and celebrate the New Year.  We’ll share with you some of the best things to do during your New Year break, including a much-needed Patong spa visit.