The Thainess within a Dragon Land

Let’s Relax has expanded to China in 2016 in Kunming city, with the goal of bringing Thai’s way of relaxation and culture right to the Land of the Dragons. In 2019, Let’s Relax has opened another branch in Dongguan city. All franchised stores uphold the high standards of Let’s Relax Spa.

Siam Wellness Group Public Company Limited exclusively open franchise stores in Kunming and Dongguan in China. Besides these two branches, other branches in China called “Let’s Relax” have no relation to Let’s Relax Spa in Thailand. Currently, Siam Wellness Group Public Company Limited is no longer operating in Let’s Relax Qingdao and Let’s Relax Tianjin in China.

  • Dongguan

    Let’s Relax Spa Dongguan design in simplicity, bright style. Features a lot of wooden and natural materials to create a relaxed and natural ambience.

  • KUNMING Sino-Siamese
    TKP Buiilding, MTR Baiyun Street

    Let’s Relax SPA Kunming is our first branch in China, located in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Let’s Relax Spa Kunming represents the elegance of Thai style art accentuated with a blend of contemporary design.