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Ultimate Relaxation – Hot Stone Massage

If you are one of many customers who has visited Let’s Relax Spa or browsed our website, you may have seen one unique, speciality massage treatment offered at some of our locations. Hot stone massage is a soothing massage experience everyone should try.


Treat Yourself to a Foot Massage in Bangkok

Every year, millions of tourists visit Bangkok for a holiday or international business, each with a long list of sights to see and experiences to try. One of the more popular itinerary items is to get a Thai massage in Bangkok at one of the many spa and massage centres in the city. 

Thai massage is extremely popular with locals and foreign visitors alike, as the unique massage technique involves a mix of yoga-like stretching and acupressure. While Thai massages are relaxing and leave you feeling refreshed, they are dynamic and can be very strong.


The Top Four Things to Do in Chiang Mai

Woman doing yoga in front of rice fields

Chiang Mai is often considered the capital of northern Thailand and northern Thai culture. The city is built on the site of an ancient kingdom, with many ancient temples and historical monuments still intact today, none more famous than the city walls and moat that once protected the kingdom.

Given its historical and cultural significance, Chiang Mai is a top tourist destination in Thailand. Backpackers, tour groups, and single travelers alike eventually make their way up north to relax in the mountainous surroundings, indulge in northern Thai cuisine, and experience a famous Chiang Mai massage.  


Treat Yourself to an Onsen Experience in Bangkok

Japanese open air spa Onsen

We all know the feeling of waking up on a Thursday morning, mentally fatigued from a busy week at work with two more grueling days before the weekend. We all know that 4pm feeling when life’s responsibilities remind us that there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish everything that needs to be done. We all know these feelings because they are with us on a daily basis.

After experiencing the mental and physical strain that comes along with working in a global city like Bangkok, it’s good to know that there is one place you can go to treat yourself to some reprieve. Let’s Relax Spa at the Grande Center Point Hotel in Thong Lor is home to one of the most authentic onsen in Bangkok, and it’s where busy Bangkokians soothe their weary bodies and minds.


Complete a Japanese Tour of Thonglor With a Visit to a Spa and Massage Center

Thonglor Spa and Massage

Thonglor, a neighborhood in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area, is considered one of the nicest and fanciest places in the city. Thanks to the area’s history as a quality home for Japanese expats, the area is dotted with Japanese restaurants, izakaya, and onsen. In fact, some even refer to Thonglor as Thailand’s “Little Tokyo”.

Those with a penchant for Japanese cuisine and culture will feel right at home in Thonglor, so much so that one could spend a whole day there indulging in Japanese food and experiences.

To get the ultimate Japanese experience while in Thonglor, we’ve created a list of the most authentic Japanese establishments in the area, including Let’s Relax’s Thonglor Spa and Massage location at Hotel Nikko.


A Checklist For Bangkok: Thai Massage, Food, Shopping, and More!

Thai Massage Bangkok

Each year, Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. Travelers from around the globe come to the historic and vibrant Thai capital with expectations of amazing food, unique culture, and adventure around every corner.

Most travelers who visit Thailand will use Bangkok as a jumping off point for exploration to the north or south, setting aside only a few days to explore the city. But with so much to do, travelers on a tight schedule need to plan their moves wisely to maximize time and beat the city’s notoriously bad traffic.


Your Next Adventure in Trang Deserves a Visit to a Spa

Spa towels relaxing

As your plane descends into Trang Airport and the stunning coastal landscape that defines the province appears through the clouds, it’s hard not to get excited about your upcoming vacation. Trang is a traveler’s paradise; it is home to all the natural beauty and exploration opportunities that other provinces like Krabi and Phuket offer while still feeling untouched and preserved.

Travelers to Trang visit the southern Thai province for its wide variety of outdoor activities. For every scuba diver, snorkeler, or kayaker exploring the seas, there is a rock climber, golfer, or hiker taking in the mountains and flora.


Enhance Your Vacation with a Soothing Krabi Spa Experience

spa candle relaxing

A vacation to Krabi is one planned around unwinding and relaxing in the idyllic Andaman Sea. As an ocean-front province in southern Thailand, Krabi welcomes in hordes of tourists each day eager to explore its stunning beaches, picturesque limestone cliffs, and quaint, serene islands.

Krabi’s coastal district of Ao Nang is the center for tourism in the province. Its long stretches of west-facing coastline are populated by hotels and resorts, while its main street is the jumping-off point for transportation to Railay Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and more.


Enjoy a Gentle Massage in Hua Hin Before Heading out for Dinner

Spa Massage Compress Balls

Hua Hin is full of fun and exciting things to see. Surrounded by national parks on three sides and the Gulf of Thailand, it’s a paradise of natural beauty. But even the most adventurous visitors to Hua Hin can feel themselves tiring after a day of touring the attractions in and around the town. To ensure that you’re able to appreciate the vibrancy of the town after dark, have a massage in Hua Hin before you head out to dinner or tour the colourful night markets.

Hua Hin is known for the quality and variety of its seafood. But if you’re tired and aching from a day of touring the sights in the hot sun, you may not enjoy your dinner as much as you want to. You may just want to crawl off to bed and hope you feel better in the morning. Having a massage once you’ve finished the activities for the day will rejuvenate you and raise your energy levels. It can provide that extra push you need to make the most of your Hua Hin holiday.


Make a Weekly Habit of Enjoying a Thonglor Spa and Massage Facility

Thonglor Spa and Massage

Bangkok is a bustling, busy place where the stresses and strains of city life can take a toll on your body as well as your mental outlook. But if you live near the Thonglor area of the city, there’s a way to counteract all the stress that balancing work and family life can cause. Visiting a Thonglor spa and massage facility every week can strengthen your mind and body and have you enjoying city life once again.

Sukhumvit Road is a shopping and entertainment mecca that attracts people from all over the city. Taking a few hours out of your shopping day to enjoy a Thai massage near Sukhumvit is a smart way to ensure you’re physically and mentally at your peak.