Sauna vs Onsen: What’s Right For You?

A woman enjoying a hot sauna

When the daily grind has taken a toll on your body and mind, it’s essential to take a break and unwind. One of the best ways to do so is to go for a refreshing onsen or a steaming hot sauna. Need help with choosing between an onsen or a sauna? Both offer unique benefits, and the best choice depends on what your body needs.

Let’s explore the differences between saunas and onsens to understand which one is ideal for you.


Sweat It Out At A Sauna

A Sauna is a small, enclosed heated room that typically involves sitting or lying on wooden benches. The intense heat, ranging from 150°F to 195°F (65°C to 90°C), raises your heart rate and core temperature, triggering a powerful sweat response and a natural detoxification process. As you sweat, your body eliminates toxins and impurities that have built up with time.

The heat relaxes tense muscles, improving flexibility and reducing stiffness. This can be a welcome relief after a long workout or a day spent hunched over a desk. The warmth also promotes better blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, which can energize and revitalize you.

For an extra detoxifying boost, many saunas also offer a cold plunge pool. After a sauna session, submerging yourself in the icy water constricts your pores, trapping any remaining toxins on the surface of your skin. This ensures they are washed away when you shower afterward.


Onsen – A Soothing Soak for Aching Muscles

An onsen, also known as a hot spring, is a traditional Japanese bathing experience. This involves soaking in a communal bath; however, many establishments now offer private onsens, too.

These natural or artificial pools are filled with mineral-rich hot water, typically ranging from 104°F to 140°F (40°C to 60°C). Unlike a sauna, an onsen focuses more on relaxation and muscle relief.

The warm water in an onsen promotes relaxation by easing muscle tension and stiffness. It also improves blood circulation, which can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, further aiding recovery. Some onsens, like those with a jacuzzi function, offer an even more therapeutic experience. The combination of hot water and massaging jets provides deep tissue relaxation, perfect for soothing sore muscles and joints.

In summary, if you seek a more detoxifying wellness session, opt for a sauna, and if you want muscle relief, an onsen is the best choice. Now that you know whether a sauna or onsen is ideal for you, let’s introduce you to a place that offers the best of both worlds.


Let’s Relax Spa In Thonglor

Enjoy luxury onsen and sauna facilities in Bangkok


At Let’s Relax Spa in Thonglor, you don’t have to pick between a sauna or an onsen. Our luxurious facilities boast a traditional Finnish sauna alongside authentic Japanese onsen facilities in Bangkok. Escape to a blissful environment where we offer a variety of mineral bathtubs, a sauna, a steam room, hot stone bed baths, and cool-down rooms to customize your relaxation journey.

Our onsen is enriched with powerful minerals that work on a cellular level to protect and heal your body. Meanwhile, our Thai Herbal Steam Sauna utilizes herb-infused steam to soften skin, cleanse impurities from the body, and relax muscles, followed by a refreshing cold plunge or shower. For a more comprehensive wellness experience, we invite you to explore our extensive menu of massages and spa treatments designed to pamper your mind and body.

This holistic approach to relaxation will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and with a renewed sense of well-being. Rest assured, we prioritize your comfort and safety, ensuring a clean, private environment with facilities maintained to the highest standards. Expect quality hospitality and compassionate service from our expert team from start to finish.


Book Your Wellness Session With Us Today

Experience the best of both worlds and emerge feeling refreshed and revitalized. Find us on the fifth floor of Grande Centre Point Hotel, Thonglor. Contact us today to book a spa or onsen session.

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