Experience the Heartful Lanna Hospitality

Located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is known for its lush surroundings, mountainous landscape, and rich cultural heritage. A sprawling modern city, Chiang Mai charmingly combines the old and new. Lanna hospitality is renowned for its graciousness and warmth, creating an inviting atmosphere that makes every visitor feel welcome.

Chiang Mai is a great place to relax and recharge. In fact, this laid-back province of Thailand is where Let’s Relax Spa originated and began its 18-year-long journey up to the present day.

After exploring the ancient temples, enjoying excellent brews in charming coffee shops, or indulging in the local culinary delights, what better way to savor the relaxing experience than with a body massage in Chiang Mai at a Let’s Relax Spa?

Let’s Relax has three spa branches in Chiang Mai—Chiang Mai Pavillion, Tha Pae Gate, and Chiang Mai One Nimman, each offering exceptional spa experiences. The design of our Let’s Relax Spa branches reflects the aesthetic elegance of Lanna architecture, with the use of natural materials, serene color palettes, and intricate wood carvings. This creates a tranquil environment that complements the therapeutic effects of our treatments and enhances the overall spa experience.

Authentic Thai Massage in Chiang Mai

Let’s Relax Spa in Chiang Mai prides itself on offering a diverse range of treatments that cater to all preferences. The traditional Thai massage, a cornerstone of our offerings, is an ancient healing system that combines Chinese acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. Ideal for travelers seeking an authentic experience, this massage focuses on clearing the body’s energy lines using various stretching and acupressure techniques.

This dry massage is done on a comfortable mattress, and guests are dressed in loose pajamas. Our guests emerge from their sessions feeling limber and relaxed.

Spa Treatments in Chiang Mai

In addition to massages, our Chiang Mai spa menu includes a comprehensive array of skin treatments and packages, from facials and body scrubs to luxurious baths, designed to leave you feeling pampered, refreshed, and fully recharged.

Experience the ultimate indulgence with our exclusive spa packages, such as the Blooming Life package, which begins with a 60-minute Body Scrub or Body Wrap, followed by a 60-minute Aromatherapy Oil Massage. The journey concludes with 60 minutes of Facial Relaxation, combining massage techniques and gentle exfoliation to rejuvenate the skin from head to toe.

Alternatively, the Body & Soul package merges physical exfoliation with sensory bliss. Choose a 60-minute Body Scrub or Body Wrap to enhance skin moisture or renewal, followed by a 60-minute Aromatherapy Oil Massage.

Head to Let’s Relax Spa in Chiang Mai

With its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and gentle way of life, Chiang Mai offers a unique backdrop for a spa experience. Let’s Relax Spa extends an invitation to immerse yourself in the distinctive charm of Lanna hospitality.

Whether you’re seeking a body massage in Chiang Mai to unwind after a day of exploration or a full-day spa package to rejuvenate your spirit, we invite you to experience Let’s Relax Spa. Our strategic locations across the city make serene escapes within easy reach.

Branch Map

Let's Relax Spa branches in Chiang Mai

  • Chiang Mai Pavillion Northern Harmony
    Pavillion Night Bazaar, Kalare Night Bazaar

    A must-visit top-class day spa & massage in Chiang Mai. Let’s Relax Chiang Mai Pavillion, our first Let’s Relax branch, recently went through a renovation in full phase, adding a bigger Spa Shop and additional spa rooms.

  • Chiang Mai Tha Pae Synchronized Balance
    Chiang Mai Walking Street, Tha Pae Gates

    A casual and cozy day spa that is differentiated from other Lanna spas in Chiang Mai with the bold design concept of modern industrial look that has a balance of complexity and contradiction. The branch consists of Let’s Relax Spa, Thailand’s most popular boutique day spa chain, as well as D.Bistro, an all-day dining cozy cafe and Blooming Spa Product Shop made in Thailand. The Antique European Shophouse in which our spa is located has become the new hangout spot for locals and international tourist.

  • Chiang Mai One Nimman Localized Connectivity
    Nimman Road, Maya Shopping Mall

    Conveniently located on the 1st Floor and spanning on 3rd and 4 Floor of One Nimman, the new Arts, Culture and Lifestyle Living Space that blends in the modern lifestyle with local Chiang Mai unique culture, Let’s Relax Chiang Mai One Nimman offers the perfect balance of body and soul. Designed in the modern architecture with the use of red bricks and colorful vibes inherited from the Living Space’s interior design, Let’s Relax offers a playful, yet calm spa ambiance that attracts all spa-lovers.

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