Great Sea, Great Sand, and Great Spa in Krabi

Experience a traditional Thai massage in Krabi. Krabi, located on southern Thailand’s west coast is both a rugged and relaxing destination. With beautiful white beaches, lush jungles and rugged cliffs. It’s the perfect place to explore, get active and discover the beauty and nature of Thailand. Your days may include basking on Railay Beach, taking a dip at the Klong Thom Hot Springs or walking the streets of Krabi Town.

From city to beach to jungle. Krabi is a varied location, with much to do and much to tire you out.

Choose from our two locations. Our first is the Let’s Relax Holiday Inn Resort, a beautiful beachfront location for a spa in the koh Lanta district on Ao Nang beach. The second is located in the town centre, at Let’s Relax Krabi Tipa Resort. With these two convenient locations, you can enjoy a massage in Krabi wherever you land – whether on the beach or in town.

Spa and Massage Treatments In Krabi

We have a variety of different massage treatments available at our spas in Krabi, and something to suit everyone. Such as the popular Thai Massage, which is an ancient healing system that combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.

Our Thai massages in Krabi follow the energy lines of the body and will leave you feeling limber and relaxed after a day exploring the town. With extensive choices, your massage in Krabi will perfectly relax and rejuvenate you.

Choose to add aroma oil to your massage and you’ll take your relaxation to the next level with one of our carefully selected scents. As well as Thai and Aroma Oil Massages, we have a full range of skin treatments and packages at our spas. Enjoy a massage for yourself or a full day package with a partner or friend.

With our Double Day Dream package at our spas in Krabi, not only do you get to relax and unwind in luxurious fashion, but you also get to indulge your senses with a loved one by your side. Luxuriate for a couple of hours and share the experience with someone close to you.

It’s an experience that both of you will not easily forget. First, the guests bathe in a jacuzzi filled with fragrant, tropical flower petals. The warm water expands the pores and readies the skin for the upcoming treatments. The next step is either a 60-minute body wrap or body scrub, followed by 60-minutes Aromatherapy Oil Massage. The treatment then finishes off with the Dr. Spiller 10-Step Facial Soothing Massage treatment. It’s a wholesome renewal from the outer-body to within, and it’s all shared with a special friend.

Inclusive of treatments like facials, body scrubs and baths, it’s the ultimate serene experience to leave you refreshed, and recharged.

Our massages are designed to be the perfect start or end of your busy day in paradise. Visiting one of our spas in the morning puts you in the right frame of mind to get out and explore all that Krabi has to offer. And having a massage at the end of the day is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate you for the adventures to come tomorrow. Be sure to visit one of our spas in Krabi to fully enjoy your stay in this stunningly beautiful region of the country.

Branch Map

Let's Relax Spa branches in Krabi

  • Krabi (Wake Up Ao Nang) Coral Karst
    Tipa Resort, Wake Up Hotel, Sofitel Phokeethara, Aonang Walking Street, Aonang Beach

    Let’s Relax Krabi Tipa Resort Aonang “Coral Karst” is a day spa in the shoreline town, Krabi. Conveniently located on the main street of Krabi town center, This branch’s design derived from the dreamily Krabi’s trademark karst formations curving along the coast with signature Rock Climbing cliffs as the highlight. Blending in the gray of the Rocks with the Turquoise of seawater, it makes the perfect spot for the perfect getaway.

  • Krabi Srilanta Resort Koh Lanta Hidden Secret Paradise
    Koh Lanta, Klong Nin Beach, Nui Beach

    This first branch of Let’s Relax Spa in Ko Lanta, located within Srilanta Resort (Beachfront Facilities Side), a beachfront resort, just an hour from Krabi International Airport (transfer via road and ferry). This hidden secret paradise day spa is divided into multiple Thai-style villas with large green area featuring the signature Spa Lobby in the middle of the pond and 3 villas dedicated for Massage and Spa equipped with single and couple rooms.
    Each villa is designed with the concept of Beachfront Resort Spa where guests can enjoy the natural ambience in Thai Style Villas mimicking the Ancient Thai House, decorated in warm and light color tone. As you enter, you will feel like indulging yourself in little paradise.
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