What is an Onsen Spa in Bangkok Like?

Bangkok Onsen Spas

Onsen baths have been a part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years. The geothermal activity on the islands of Japan meant that the country’s people always had access to hot and therapeutic mineral water. The use of these resources was considered a luxury early on and enjoyed by only the ruling and warrior class. But as the train network was developed across the country, more people could visit the onsens and the surrounding resorts that were developed to capitalize on the healthy and invigorating properties of bathing in these heated spring waters.

Onsen spas in Bangkok were created to offer the same relaxation and health-giving properties as the ancient onsens in Japan. The term ‘onsen’ refers to a specific temperature and mineral content in the waters. By closely adhering to the same criteria governing water quality as the onsens in Japan, the onsens of Bangkok can deliver the same experience that has been enjoyed by the Japanese for hundreds of years.

Traditional Onsen Near Sukhumvit

One of the most popular onsens in Bangkok is the Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa Thonglor. It’s located in the Grande Centre Point Hotel on Sukhumvit 55, in the heart of the centrally-located Thonglor area of the city.

Situated on the 5th floor of the hotel, this authentic onsen offers high-quality mineral water baths that are soothing yet invigorating. But healthy mineral baths aren’t the only thing on offer at the Let’s Relax Spa Thonglor location. You’ll also find a full range of massages and treatments.

A Much-needed Getaway in Bangkok

For those who have become run down and weary from the city’s relentless pace and noise, Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa Thonglor offers a traditional, healthy retreat that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of an authentic onsen without leaving Bangkok.

But more than that, it also offers a full range of modern spa and massage treatments that allow you to take time out from living and working in a crowded, hot city with questionable air quality.

People suffering from stress can choose from a range of soothing massages that will make the hectic office seem like a distant dream. For those whose skin is suffering from the effects of the air quality, the body scrub and body wrap offered at Let’s Relax Spa provides the perfect antidote to life in the city.

Visit Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa Thonglor to experience a traditional onsen in Bangkok for yourself. Indulge in an afternoon of Japanese zen and finish off with a spa treatment for a treat your body deserves.

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