Relax at a Bangkok Onsen Spa

Pamper yourself at an onsen spa in Bangkok.

As a busy professional, your life can be hectic and stressful sometimes. When it is, one of the best things you can do is get away from it all, relax in a Japanese-style bath, and soak the day’s stresses and problems away. 

What we’re describing is an onsen spa in the heart of Bangkok. And you might be surprised to learn that this dreamy sounding scenario can become a reality. Let’s Relax Spa has a luxurious onsen in the Thonglor neighborhood. 

Wanting to indulge yourself in healthy relaxation during periods of stress is natural. It’s a self-preservation defense. The body wants to maintain its health as the stresses and strains of the business world can take a serious toll on your mental and physical health. 

In Japan, many business people take advantage of the onsen regularly to provide a healthy balance to their hectic lifestyle. It becomes a part of their daily or weekly routine.By visiting the onsen spa in Thonglor regularly, Bangkok residents can achieve this equilibrium. It will allow them to enjoy life more and make the most of both their business and leisure time.

Discover the Japanese Way of Relaxing

Give yourself a break at an onsen spa in Bangkok.

Stressed-out business people know about the secrets of the onsen and flock to the Thonglor area of the city to experience this luxurious method of healthy relaxation invented by the Japanese. The word ‘onsen’ means hot spring in Japanese. And the hot spring is the focus of the onsen experience.

However, there is an onsen (hot spring) and a sento (hot bath), and they are not the same thing. The onsen experience relies as much on the therapeutic properties of the minerals in the hot spring water as it does on the relaxing heat the bathing experience provides. 

The definition of an onsen in Japan is a hot spring that’s over 25 degrees and contains a certain level and type of minerals. There are ten different types of onsen waters in Japan that all replicate the volcanic mineral attributes of the natural hot springs in different locations around the country.

Onsen has evolved into both a culture and a ritual in Japan. One of the literal ‘hotspots’ for onsen is the small town of Beppu, with over 2,000 hot spring sources in and around the town. The town’s many springs have seven of the ten different onsen water types. Some of the residents of Beppu take up to four or five baths per day because of the benefits to their health and skin. 

Many Benefits of Onsen

The many benefits of onsen include an easing of stress related to work life. By easing your stress and relaxing on a regular basis, you can think more clearly. By indulging in an onsen experience regularly, you can make the right decisions at work, act more calmly and rationally throughout the day and sleep better at night. 

One of the other main benefits of onsen is improving your skin’s health. The silica present in onsen water rejuvenates dry and flaky skin and leaves it hydrated, soft and supple. 

Studies have also linked the minerals in onsen water to providing relief to certain skin ailments. The sulfur in the water soothes dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues. Carbonate ions in onsen water relieve inflammation and accelerate the healing of skin scrapes and wounds.

The sodium bicarbonate present in onsen water attaches to your skin and forms a healthy, protective barrier. So, don’t be too quick to rinse off after your onsen. By leaving the water on your skin for a few hours, you can get the full benefit of the protective properties of this mineral.    

Experience an Onsen Spa in Bangkok

Bangkok residents who’ve discovered the onsen experience make it a part of a healthy getaway whenever they can. They’ve discovered that Let’s Relax Spa has taken the onsen experience to the next level. 

From their location in the Grande Centre Point Hotel on Sukhumvit 55, Let’s Relax Spa offers a wide range of mineral baths. They also enhance your onsen spa experience by offering sauna and steam rooms, hot stone bed baths, cool down rooms and a vast menu of massage and spa treatments.  

The onsen baths heal, protect and rejuvenate your body at the cellular level, while the Let’s Relax Spa massage and spa treatments target specific areas of the body to provide you with a complete spa experience. Discover the relaxation and health benefits of the onsen at Let’s Relax Spa in the Thonglor area of Bangkok.

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