Great Sea, Great Sand, and Great Spa

A small town on the west coast of southern Thailand, Krabi offers all kinds of traveler a peaceful getaway with a beautiful sea and beaches. Ao Nang beach, one of the most famous beach near the city, situates two branches of Let's Relax Spa: Krabi Holiday Inn branch, and Wake Up Hotel branch. Both branches are minutes away by foot, so don't forget to treat yourself with a nice massage or a body wrap after a long day at under the sun.

  • Krabi Holiday Inn Hotel Andaman Pearl
    Holiday Inn Hotel Krabi, Ao Nang Beach

    Let’s Relax Holiday Inn Resort Krabi ‘Andaman Pearl’ is a day spa in the hidden jewels, Krabi. Located in Krabi’s popular resort, the Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Aonang Beach, a contemporary resort boasts an enviable beachfront location on Krabi’s popular Ao Nang Beach with a playful sense of tropical fun.

  • Krabi Wake Up Hotel Coral Karst
    Tipa Resort, Wake Up Hotel, Sofitel Phokeethara, Aonang Walking Street, Aonang Beach

    Let’s Relax Krabi Tipa Resort Aonang “Coral Karst” is a day spa in the shoreline town, Krabi. Conveniently located on the main street of Krabi town center, This branch’s design derived from the dreamily Krabi’s trademark karst formations curving along the coast with signature Rock Climbing cliffs as the highlight. Blending in the gray of the Rocks with the Turquoise of seawater, it makes the perfect spot for the perfect getaway.