Discover How a Relaxing Massage Can Relieve Stress

A woman lays on a massage table relaxing after a Thai herbal steam treatment.

Relieve Stresses & Strains with a Relaxing Massage

From strenuous exercise to simply working in front of a computer, many daily activities can strain your muscles and leave you feeling stiff and sore. Whatever kind of pain and discomfort you feel, massage can be the perfect way to relax and bring peace to your body and mind. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best massages for different types of stresses and strains.

Arthritis and Joint Stiffness

Many suffer from chronic stiffness and pain in their joints, and conditions such as arthritis. This can be very uncomfortable and make it difficult to carry out everyday activities. 

Massage can be a great treatment for those with stiff joints. Massages help improve circulation, ease muscle stiffness and reduce joint pain. People with arthritis can benefit most from gentle, oil or aromatherapy massages.

Anyone with joint pain should avoid treatment of any inflamed joints. Tell your massage therapist about any areas of your body that they should avoid and communicate with them if you need more or less pressure.

Another spa treatment that can be extremely beneficial for joint stiffness and arthritis is a Thai herbal steam treatment. The steam’s warmth can help relax sore muscles and ease joint pain, while the herbal aromas relieve mental stress.


Strain From Heavy Exercise

People who exercise regularly also experience frequent soreness and muscle strain. The process of working out requires your body to damage your muscle fibers and then rebuild them stronger. This is normal and happens to your muscles anytime they work harder or in a different way than they are used to. 

Getting a massage can be an effective way to ease this post-exercise soreness and help your muscles stay flexible and relaxed as they heal. Massage helps to increase blood flow to your muscles, providing the oxygen and nutrients needed as they recover. 

There are many great massage options for those with sore muscles caused by exercise. Thai massage can be an excellent choice to increase flexibility and loosen up tense muscles. Thai herbal steam treatments can also be a wonderful way to relax after a strenuous workout.


Working at a Desk

If you work at a computer, you may develop sore muscles in your neck and shoulders. Many struggle to maintain good posture throughout the day, and muscles can get stiff from sitting in the same position all day. 

The areas of the body that become most tense are usually the neck, shoulders, and back. Getting a neck and back massage is a great way to release the tension in these areas. Loosening up your muscles with regular massages can also help you regain good posture.

A man rests face-down during a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.


While traveling can be an extremely fun and relaxing experience, many people also experience stress and soreness afterward. A vacation can be especially stressful if it involves a lot of walking or physical activity that you are not used to. A massage can be an excellent way to destress during or after your travels. 

A foot massage can relieve stress in your feet and lower legs after a long day of walking. A neck and shoulder massage is also a good choice to ease the soreness that develops after riding in a car or airplane for long periods. 

Get a Massage at Let’s Relax Spa

A massage will relieve muscle tension resulting from any number of conditions or activities. Whether you suffer from chronic joint stiffness or are experiencing stress from work, travel, or exercise, there is a relaxing massage treatment that is just right for you. This month a massage could also be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special, or feel rested after traveling to see family for Chinese New Year. 

Contact Let’s Relax Spa to schedule a relaxing massage in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, or any of our other locations throughout Thailand. The experienced therapists at Let’s Relax spas provide a wide range of treatments, including Thai massage, neck and shoulder massage, foot massage, aromatherapy oil massage, herbal steam, and many more that will help relieve all your stresses and strains. 

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