Ultimate Relaxation – Hot Stone Massage

Ultimate Relaxation – Hot Stone Massage

If you are one of many customers who has visited Let’s Relax Spa or browsed our website, you may have seen one unique, speciality massage treatment offered at some of our locations. Hot stone massage is a soothing massage experience everyone should try.

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

As the name suggests, a hot stone massage is a type of treatment in which the massage therapist places heated stones on the back side of your body and uses them to massage your muscles. The stones used in a hot stone massage are typically a type of volcanic rock, like basalt, that retain heat exceptionally well. Before a massage, the stones will be heated to approximately 60 degrees centigrade. 

Once placed upon your body, the heat radiating from the hot stones will relax your muscles and begin to relieve tension and tightness. Even before the massage therapist begins working your muscles, you’ll feel your stress melt away.

What to Expect During a Hot Stone Massage

At Let’s Relax Spa, our hot stone massages are 90 minutes long. To begin the massage, you will be lying face down on the massage table with your back exposed. Your massage therapist will remove the hot stones from a proper warming machine and gently lay them across your back. Stones will be placed on the major upper and lower back muscles and down the spine. 

After letting the heat from the stones soothe your muscles and make them tender, your massage therapist will begin gently massaging your muscles using either their hands or the stones themselves. 

Ultimate Relaxation – Hot Stone Massage
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Using the hot stones to massage your muscles will work a broad section of each muscle. Sweeping, circular motions with the hot, flat stones will prepare your muscles for more precise, deep-tissue movements. It is this combination of heat and acupressure that makes the hot stone massage so effective.

Let’s Relax Spa’s hot stone massages also use essential oil-infused massage oil. The mixture of heat and essential oils creates an aromatherapeutic atmosphere to further relax the body and mind. 

What Are the Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massages have a range of benefits that extend beyond those of a traditional massage. The heat therapy received from the hot stones not only relaxes your muscles but also reduces muscle tension and stress. The constant heat applied to your muscles promotes prolonged results and effects.

Those who have received a hot stone massage report sleeping better at night. Without back tension, the body is able to rest easier and achieve more restorative sleep. Similarly, the entire treatment helps reduce stress and anxiety by warming and soothing the body. 

Hot stone massages also help with blood circulation, as the heat from the stones opens blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. 

Where to Get a Hot Stone Massage

Let’s Relax Spa offers hot stone massages at most of our locations in Bangkok. To check if your local branch offers an aromatic hot stone massage treatment, please visit our website.

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