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Let's Relax Spa Kunming represents the elegance of Thai style art accentuated with a blend of contemporary design.

Let's Relax Spa, Thailand's Boutique Day Spa, currently has only 1 branch in People's Republic of China in Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Other branches in China that may imitate the use of our logo, brand name, images or other trademarks do not belong to Siam Wellness Group PCL.

Let's Relax SPA,是泰国著名的精品SPA,目前在中国有且仅有一家分店,位于云南省昆明市。除此之外,其他任何模仿、盗用Let's Relax品牌,Logo,形象或注册商标的SPA,均不属于Siam Wellness集团。同时,我们保留追究侵权者法律责任的权利。特此声明。

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